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United Community Centers

The mission of UCC is ;Building Dreams…Changing Lives ;, by providing positive, productive environments filled with educational, cultural, recreational, and social opportunities to individual youth, their families, and the entire community, in a safe and supportive setting while maximazing their individual potential. On an annual basis, 1500 at risk youth and their families take advantage of the age- appropriate, developmental programs offered by United Community Centers. The agency's ultimate goal is to lay foundations for positive academic,social, cultural and recreational skill-building and attainment in hopes that the youth retain those skills as they enter into adulthood. Many of the neighborhoods that the youth and families call home, have an overwhelming presence of negative influences such as illiteracy, poverty, substance abuse, low self-esteem, low neighborhood attachment and and high instances of population transition and mobility. The negative influences of these neighborhoods that impact the youth and families that reside within, are countered through UCC's community based programming, which is designed to offset the negatives with positive alternatives, because oftentimes these negative influneces create an environment that is exceedingly difficult for youth to emerge from successfully. UCC is a resource located within the county's highest-risk communities and is committed to providing External Assets of : 1) Support 2) Empowerment 3) Boundaries and Expectations UCC also assists youth in developing Internal Assests of : 1) Commitment to Learning 2) Positive Values 3) Social Competencies and 4) Postive Identity, as they develop into positive adults.

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