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Computer Literacy: Enhancing Educational Opportunities for Africa's Most Needy The vision of Global Outreach is to introduce computer literacy into the curriculum of secondary schools in central Tanzania, and to then use that capability and knowledge to improve the quality of education in all subjects. Our focus is on improving educational opportunities in remote locations which accommodate the poorest of the country's student population, often in villages that lack many 21st century basics. Our vision is driven by commitment of Tanzanian leaders to education in general, and technology in particular, as the most important focus areas for the advancement of life in their country. It is fueled by the awareness that this education is out of reach for the vast majority of Tanzanian families, who live within the World Bank definition of extreme poverty (living on less than $1 per day), without assistance from the haves of the world. We work hand in hand with government officials and private school providers to establish computer laboratories in secondary schools, train teachers and technicians to support the installations, develop syllabuses for Tanzanian students, and establish partnerships with national initiatives to ensure ongoing value for the skills imparted. We furnish laboratories with electrical capacity (often solar installations), furnishings, hardware and software, supplies, and special educational equipment. In addition to the primary benefits of student/teacher computer literacy, Global Outreach aspires to use computer laboratories to enhance and reinforce other secondary school curriculum programs. We facilitate partnership programs between Tanzanian schools and schools in the U.S., build computer-based learning centers, and operate libraries to allow all our students to get access to the internet and other modern technology.

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