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The Florida Maritime Museum collects, preserves, and shares traditional knowledge, cultural artifacts and personal stories specific to Florida's fishing and maritime heritage. This is done through accessible and engaging educational programming and interpretive exhibits that encourage the pursuit and study of maritime interests and responsible interaction with aquatic resources. To achieve this mission, FMM will adhere to the highest standards of excellence in: Building maritime community by sharing information and research materials including a library containing books, plans, logs, diaries, periodicals, letters and related archival materials. Connecting diverse audiences to Florida's rich maritime heritage in a way that acknowledges and expands upon FMM's unique environment, the historic fishing village of Cortez. Inspiring collaboration and fostering a spirit of perseverance that utilizes the wisdom of the past, through the perspective of today for those who will continue on after us.

PO BOX 100
CORTEZ , FL 34215

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