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Family Integrity Training Inc

Family Integrity Training, (FIT) assists the underprivileged, indigent, incarcerated, or addicted in transitioning from dysfunctional lifestyles to healthy ones through mentoring and small-group, faith-based, life-skills courses. It develops, provides and publishes appropriate lesson materials for use in these classes. It trains and authorizes facilitators in the specialized materials and methods. FIT networks with other faith-based and non-faith-based organizations to accomplish the desired gains in clients' personal functioning and development. To do this, it partners with institutions such as state prisons, local jails, schools, recovery houses, churches, rescue missions, and the Salvation Army. It also partners with individual-leaders who want to increase the effectiveness of their own mentoring and ministries. The organization provides its printed materials free-of-charge to members who have completed the required training and keeps records of all facilitators it trains. It also provides custom graduation certificates to each client completing one of its seven life-skills courses. It uses its databases to provide reports for judges, officers of the detention system, and others desiring to see evidence of clients' effort in improving their personal lives. It provides pertinent information on each graduation certificate which includes client name, title of course, number of group-interaction-hours, date of completion, city of completion, and class facilitators. FIT accomplishes its faith-based dimension by using Christian scriptures and is by its By-Laws interdenominational. It functions by agreeing on the major Christian principles and avoiding controversial issues which would degrade its constructive life-improvement-skills mission. The seven courses making up these focus areas are Practical Parenting, Personal Insight, Free to Grow, Anger Dynamics, Dating and Marriage, Handling Loss and Grief, and Financial Recovery.

5017 37th Street East

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