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Artists' Guild of Anna Maria Island

The Artists' Guild of Anna Maria Island's mission is to educate, promote and encourage cultural and charitable artistic endeavor. This shall be accomplished by: A. Bringing together community people for educational, cultural and charitable activities. B. Bringing together people interested in all phases of the artistic field to learn through classes, demonstrations and lectures. C. Recognizing and supporting talent and educational endeavor. D. Fostering interest in local arts. E. Providing for the exchange of artistic ideas and information. F. Arranging exhibits, shows and other means to further local arts. G. Providing a place to exhibit local artist's work. H. Encouraging the support of friends and patrons. Membership is open to all, regardless of gender, ethnicity/nationality, sexual orientation, mental/physical ability, age, socio-economic class and religion. Members may be permanent or temporary residents of Anna Maria Island and the surrounding areas.


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